Congratulations to our students’ 2014 college acceptances!  We assisted all of these students with college applications and essays.
Ayesha – Washington University in St. Louis, UCSD, Urbana-Champaign, Boston, and more
Aamir – UCLA, Boston University, UCSD Regents, and more!  Several scholarships offered.
Hao Nan – Carnegie Mellon, USC, UCSD, and more!  Several LARGE scholarships offered.
Shruthi – UCLA, USC, UCSD, Davis, University of Washington, and more
Richard – University of British Columbia, Vancouver (ranked 30th in the world)  Not bad for a 3.38 weighted GPA.
Michael – UCSD, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Northeastern
Fan Wu – Architecture programs at Syracuse University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Oregon University
Susanna – UCSD
Nathan – UCSB
Sravani – UC Riverside

We will be closed from April 20th to April 27th for Spring Break.
Please call 510-912-1212 for current class times and availability.

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College Counseling

College Counseling private classes provide assistance for college applications and essays. We guide your child towards extracurricular activities that will have the most impact. In our last batch of counseled students, top 50 universities accepted over 83% of our students 100% were accepted by UC campuses. Please call to schedule your first session!

Writing group classes cover all forms of academic writing: short answer, persuasive essay, literary response, narrative, research paper, timed writing, and poetry. Teachers start by laying out expectations for each assignment, explaining the reason for every step. Students write in class, receive feedback, then finish at home. At the following class, teachers explain strengths and weaknesses of each student, covering grammar, spelling, punctuation, organization, vocabulary, and critical thinking. Homework typically runs from 30 to 90 minutes per week, depending on the grade and student.

Reading classes focus on reading comprehension and verbal response. Classes work on oral reading, vocabulary, phonics, analysis, and literary terms. Students then read at home, returning for in-class discussions. This builds skills in grammar, vocabulary, literary analysis, comprehension and a love of reading. Homework typically runs 60 to 120 minutes per week.

Math classes shore up weak spots and prepare students for placement tests and success.  During the school year. We focus on algebra and geometry readiness and skills.

SAT I Preparation
SAT I Preparation classes teach reading comprehension and vocabulary for the reading sections, and grammar, sentence structure, and essay writing for the writing sections. Solo and group classes are available.

Reading Solo
Reading Solo classes help students having trouble learning to read and comprehend. We have helped many children crack the reading code, often within just a few weeks.

5 classes = $229 / 10 classes = $429
20 classes = $799 / 30 classes = $1099 / 40 classes = $1,349
60 classes = $1,949 / 80 classes = $2,499

Private Classes
5 classes = $399 / 10 classes = $749
20 classes = $1399 / 40 classes = $2499
60 classes = $3,699 / 80 classes = $4,799

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