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 Refunds and Missed Classes: No refunds, credits, or extensions for missed classes. Make-up classes are not guaranteed but may be requested. Up to 3 make-up class requests may be granted per school year. They expire at the end of the period paid or end of the school year, whichever comes first. Additional make-up classes beyond the first three will each incur a $20 fee each. Refunds, cancellations, and temporary stops must be requested at least two weeks in advance. There is $100 fee for pausing classes or stopping for a credit. Stops must be at least 5 weeks long, and students lose their class spots. This applies to all classes including private sessions.

For refunds, Rate A and B classes receive $25 per remaining class after two weeks’ notice, minus a $100 fee. Rate S and Private classes receive $43 per remaining class after two weeks’ notice, minus a $100 fee. If your child stops attending classes, their spot is still reserved and their classes are still deducted until you notify us of your cancellation or a pause.  No credit will be given for such missed classes.

Pick Up and Drop Off: Students must be dropped off and picked up within 5 minutes of class time. For safety, an adult must walk children into the office for pick up and drop off. Vehicles may not stop in front of the office for drop-offs and pick-ups and may not honk for pickup. Parents must let all drivers know this rule. Children must stay in the waiting rooms before and after class, not in the lobby. Late pickups incur a $1/minute charge.

Privacy: Simon Academics may freely use student work as well as photos, videos, and recordings of students for blogging, advertising, training and educational purposes, without compensation to the student or guardians.

Student Behavior: Students are expected to listen to and obey teachers, complete all assigned work, and exert appropriate levels of effort. Students who are rude, disruptive, or dangerous may be asked to leave class temporarily or permanently, and there will be NO REFUNDS for behavior-related expulsions and suspensions. There is no eating on Simon Academics property except when the food is provided by Simon Academics. Do not bring any drinks but water, and water must be consumed before or after class, not during.


When can I sign up a new student? Sign up as soon as possible. You will not be billed until we know there is a spot. The sooner you sign up, the higher your priority. We will sort through priority groups on 3/10/19. Then we will contact and invoice you.

When and how do I pay? Once we send an invoice to you, you have 72 hours to pay. If you do not pay within that time, you may lose your spot. We do not hold spots for longer. Payments are through Bill & Pay using ACH transfers. Credit card transactions take a 3% charge.

What is the ∞ for class ratios? Most classes have an 8:1 student to teacher ratio. Some classes with Mr. Simon have up to 23 students in the classroom with more (no limit) joining via teleconferencing like Skype. These classes use the ∞ symbol.

Can I pay for a part of the school year? For Rate A and B classes, you may pay for 5 classes at a time, half a school year, or a full school year. The classes must be taken every week. There is no spreading them out through the school year. All rates are prepaid. To get the full school year rate, you must prepay the full school year. If you sign up for half a school year, you will have to pay the same rate for the second half. Rate S1 and S2 classes must pay for a full school year to enroll.

Which grade level should I enroll my child in? Each class has a grade range: 2-5, 4-7, 7-9, and 9-12. Stronger students fit into the lower end and weaker students fit into the top. Placing a child in an overly difficult class does not help them. Most 6th grade students will be highly challenged in a grade 4-7 class, and a 7-9 class will be frustrating. Second or third grade is a good time to start writing classes. Starting later allows bad habits to solidify.

Should I start with reading or writing?  Private or group classes? It depends on the child. Most parents and students are happiest starting with group writing classes as the learning results are visible on the page. Group classes meet the needs of most children. Private classes are best for kids who struggle or need homework help.

What about math? We have found that math is most effectively taught in private classes. Please contact us for available times.

What are these different rates? Rate A is for newer teachers, earlier hours, and ∞groups with Mr. Simon. Rate B is for popular evening hours, weekends, and impacted teachers. Rate S1 is for 8:1 earlier classes with Mr. Simon. Rate S2 is for 8:1 limited availability and evening classes with Mr. Simon. All our group writing lessons are written by Mr. Simon and used across the writing classes, no matter the teacher. That said, we hire and train intelligent professionals.

Why these prices? We hire experienced, professional teachers and pay them living wages in the Bay Area. Finding, training, and retaining good teachers is difficult, limiting our supply. We offer a variety of price points and teacher choices, so you have many options. All our teachers impart knowledge and skills.

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