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Classes begin with a lesson on reading skills. Then the teacher guides group reading with discussions, models vocabulary and comprehension skills, and helps students gain a thorough understanding of the text. Students then have a home reading assignment with vocabulary tracking. We keep the written work small because we believe reading should be enjoyable. Gaining a love for reading is the most important step in becoming a good reader.


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In one-on-one classes, the teacher works through the student’s school textbook or our own curriculum, teaching full understanding of concepts, not just steps. Classes move at the student’s pace, and lessons extend to underlying concepts when students struggle. Comprehension for word problems is included, and lessons are aligned with Common Core.

Test Preparation

Test Prep

College Counseling


We help students write thoughtful, profound, and honest essays that make a huge difference when applying to top universities.  We also review applications, assisting with school and major selection.

About Us

About Us

Mr. Simon began teaching over a decade ago.  He has a BA in Philosophy from Berkeley and a teaching credential from Cal State East Bay.  He was a journalist and editor alongside Mr. Zybul, who has a BA in English from UCI and a teaching credential from Chapman.  Mr. Pham, Mr. Liang, Ms. Lopez, and Ms. Irby all round out the team. Read more about us.



Please call us at (510) 912-1212.  You can also email us at info@simonabc.com.  During business hours, we are usually with students and can rarely answer the phone.  If we don’t answer, you can leave a message, but you may also want to text us.  Please drop by only with an appointment.  When we are teaching, we will not be able to take the time to talk.