Each reading class is held once a week for one hour.  Students sign up for a time and are expected to come every week at that time.  If they miss a class, parents may request a make up class during the period the student is signed up.  Missed classes may not be added at the end and will not be credited towards future classes nor refunded.

Grouped Reading Classes – 8:1

We teach comprehension, vocabulary, analysis, and the joy of reading with a variety of age-appropriate, quality fiction novels throughout the year.

Class starts with a discussion of the previous reading assignment and answering questions about the book.  We make sure students have done their reading and help them with any vocabulary words or scenes they did not understand.

Then the class begins reading in a round-robin fashion.  The teacher and each student take turns reading from the book.  When a vocabulary word comes up, the teacher stops the reading and helps with using context clues and word roots to understand the word and passage.  When an important or confusing event occurs, the teacher stops for a discussion.  We also talk about character motivation, plot points, author’s intent, symbolism, themes, and story structure.

At the end of class, the teacher assigns reading to complete before the next week.  Students are sometimes expected to log vocabulary and periodically summarize.  However, we do not push the written work because we want students to love to read.  Too much work turns reading into a burden, not a joy.

Individual Reading Classes

For quicker growth and struggling readers, customized one-on-one classes are available.