Each writing class is held once a week for one hour.  Students sign up for a time and are expected to come every week at that time.  If they miss a class, parents may request a make-up class during the period the student is signed up.  Missed classes may not be added at the end and will not be credited towards future classes nor refunded.

Group Writing Classes (8 Students most classes, unlimited some classes)

We teach how to write persuasive essays, creative writing, personal narratives, literary response, and poetry, cycling through the forms of writing throughout the year to keep class fresh and interesting.

Class starts with a review of homework.  We have a computer screen at the end of the table that all students can see.  We edit and give feedback on the screen so students learn from their own work and the work of others.  We work primarily on grammar, spelling, punctuation, organization, vocabulary, and critical thinking.

Then we give a lesson.  Some days, we give more information on what students have already learned.  Other days, we extend the lesson with further steps or move to a new form of writing.

Finally, we assign homework.  If class time remains, we get students started and give them feedback.  Homework varies by grade level and class, but typically takes about an hour a week.

When students return the next week, we continue the editing and teaching process.  Step by step, kids get better.

Individual Writing Classes

For quicker growth, customized one-on-one classes are available.